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      US Marine Veteran & International DJ, DJ Maestro started out mixing and scratching records with the Electrifying Mojo on FM 98 WJLB (Detroit) in 1984. It was there that he met the Godfather of Techno, Juan Atkins, who introduced him to emerging new sounds of dance & party music.
     30 years later, DJ Maestro's fan base continues to grow as his skill for making music that moves the masses improves. And right now, the popular music in the clubs, at community events, and family functions are dance-driven records.
     DJ Maestro has several Hit Line Dance Records including the international hit & ultimate workout song "Turbo Hustle". Others included "Freakbeat Hustle", "Rocket City Rock", "Get Fit While You Sit" and many more.....
     The "1 Step 2 Fitness" Get Fit While You Sit Program" is a low, moderate or high intensity cardio workout designed to enhance physical, emotional and social wellness. This is just "Plain Fun" for kids, adults as well as senior citizens. 

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